When You See What This Taco Joint Made Out Of A Robbery Clip, You’ll Laugh All Day!

Being a robber is not a good thing at all. When one decides to rob, he thinks that he is very smart to break into a place to take money or property without being identified. But one thing that robbers are not aware of is that whoever that operates the premise they break into must have been so smart to run that sort of business. In the clip below, we see some robbers who decided to break into a taco place in Las Vegas, without knowing that their robbery would be filmed and used to make a commercial of how stupid they were.

Security cameras managed to capture the robbery that took place recently in Frijoles and Fresca’s Grilled Tacos. The robbery video was edited and uploaded on the internet and in no time, it became very popular

CNN reported that Greg Carlson, the general manager of the restaurant, was notified by the security alarm system that some burglars were inside the taco joint. He went to the joint to find out that it had been robbed. Speaking to CNN, Greg said that the robbery triggered him to see a possible way of making people visit the joint and taste their tacos.

The clip below highlights how these robbers were so stupid to have broken into the taco joint, in that one of the robbers never knows how to break the door with a stone. One of the amazing descriptions was when they said that the thieves were looking for tacos and not money, and that the owners were responsible for the robbery because they make the best tacos.

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