What The Doctors Did Was Amazing, He Is Now Back To the Game… Watch This!

I like similar animal stories; they are just incredible and amazing to listen and watch.

The clip below is about the rescue of a lion called Aslan. The lion was a magnificent white complexion. Watch how this animal behaviorist known as Kevin Richardson or the “Lion Whisperer,” assists this lion after it lost its two canines.
In the clip, Kevin terms Aslan loss of canines as a disorder. The new condition makes the lion appear as no longer a lion due to its inability to bite.

Watch how the experts transform the condition of Aslan. The specialized animal doctors bring light to Aslan’s life once again. The team works together with the aim of giving the white lion its bite back.

The new beauty of Aslan caught my eye, and I remember when I had to rewind the clip just to look at his appearance again. The operation took around six hours after which Aslan was taken to recover. Few days later, the lion was ready to face the world.

Stories like this leave me wanting to watch more of them.

What are your views on the surgery? Leave your comment below.

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