Unexpected Surprise Shows Up During A Gender Reveal Party – You Can’t Skip!

Dinahleigh and Anthony were expecting a baby. They therefore decided to hold a little party. They invited close family members and a couple of friends to come over to the gender surprise party. They had their bakery make a gender surprise cake that would either be blue or pink inside. Anthony made the announcement of on Instagram. He was thankful to God for the big blessing, and a new chapter they were entering as a couple. He felt abundantly blessed about it.

So when the time came to cut the cake, they were both surprised when they did not find a pink or blue inside. They found a box inside instead. Anthony took it out and opened it. What they found made them well up with tears of joy. Take this moment and watch the video to find out what it was that they found in it. I will not give it out and ruin the fun for you. It will really be quite emotional for you as well.

Do you know of a close friend who has been surprised when they thought they knew what was coming? Please post your comments below and remember to SHARE the video with family and friends as well!

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