This Mother Is Blind, When She Gave Birth To Her Son, Something Happened That Changed Her Life Forever!

For a mother, the first look of her newly born child is the most unforgettable moment that she would absolutely treasure during her entire life. There is no words that can express her happiness when she holds her baby for the first time. However, can you imagine a mother bringing a child into the world but never being able to see her baby? Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many legally blind mothers.

In this video, legally blind woman and new mother Kathy Bietz has been without vision since she was a child. When Kathy was pregnant with her first child, she desperately wanted to witness her own child placed into her arms. That’s when her sister Yvonne, encouraged her to use a new technology called eSight. This one provides a pair of high-tech glasses with advanced camera giving its blind wearers a picture of the world around them. Kathy was able to see her newborn son — and her husband, too. Just looking at the smile on her face, has definitely touched me. Even it was for a brief moments, I bet it was a lifetime of happiness for her.

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