These Students Started Marching When Something Unique Happened! Watch this!

The moment I came across this clip, I remembered those days in high school when we used take part in drama festivals. Everyone wanted to act the best part of the scene so that he or she would be remembered. Those were the best moments in high school!

At first, these students seemed like policemen, especially from their dressing style and height. After a short while, I realized that these were the Japanese students performing incredible series of movements as they listened to the simple commands given to them. In their marching, they have incorporated the ordinary actions like sitting and walking. Surprisingly, they have turned these movements into something stylish and unique. Wow! I am impressed! You won’t believe that these simple movements can become something wonderful as this.

Their black suits make it easier to see how they perform the movements. The best part of this clip comes when they walk between themselves without a single collision. This proofs that they must have spent enough time to come up with such an excellent display.

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