Miss Colorado Breaks The Protocol By Giving A Speech Of Nursing Instead Of Singing!

Atlantic City was the venue that hosted the second night of the Miss America competition. Most of the competitors performed their dancing, singing and demonstrated their don in music while they put on their amazing costumes. When Kelly Jonson’s turn came, she appeared on stage with in her nurse uniform. She is the current Miss Colorado and made her mind to skip the talent protocol and instead, she offered a lecture about her experience as a nurse, especially with a patient who had Alzheimer. The effect she created was toughing to all present.

She started her monologue by saying that each and every nurse had a patient that makes them recall why they chose to be nurses, and her case was Joe. Kelly is a model winner from Windsor.CO, who won the Miss Colorado in 2015. She got a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 2015 from Grand View University and graduating as a valedictorian. She also happens to be a registered nurse.

Actually, nurses are the ones who are closer to the patients. Even if she wins this year’s Miss America or not, she has already created a difference in a spectacular way. Watch and listen carefully to what she had to say, and please SHARE this amazing monologue to all your friends on Facebook!

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