I Was About To Cry When He Teared Up The Homeless Veteran’s Sign, Then He Did THIS…

Whenever we drive or walk around the city, it is common to come across a veteran who is begging for a job or money. Some of us are willing to help and there are still those who mind their business when they encounter the needy people who sacrificed a lot for our nation.

When Rob Anderson who is a YouTuber, mentalist and magician heard that one Veteran called Alan McKracken was in Las Vegas begging for help, he decided to do something about it. To begin with, Alan always loves to make people smile and he always holds a sign which has a modest message.

While you could have expected Rob Anderson to approach him and give him some money, that was not what he had planned. When he approached the veteran, he requested him to have a look at the sign. Then then drew on it some dollar signs and asked him whether they will be of help to him. When Alan replied and said “Not really,” he went ahead and ripped the sign into small pieces.

Then he finally unfolded the sign and some cash fell at the feet of the veteran. Despite the experience being a shocking one, the veteran remained calm. Anderson wanted to find whether the man was kind and genuine before surprising him.

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