He Knew His Dog Loved Riding The Box, So He Decided To Do This… Hilarious!!

I believe without dogs, this world could have been such a boring place to live in. They are always loyal, curious and affectionate, no wonder many regard them as one of the best friends man lives with.

I always find most of the things they do to be so adorable. Be it they’re sniffing out danger, fighting by our sides or doing some of the cute things they normally do, it’s hard to avoid smiling while watching them.

They are now part of our family and deserve being treated the same way we could treat our family members or our best friends. That said, it’s normal for one to pull a harmless prank while around them.

This video features one doggy prank which tops the list of all pranks you might be aware of. I had to watch it several times. Though this clip is in Japanese, it will not prevent you from enjoying it. It’s so funny!

To attain the unbelievable cuteness, only a teeny tiny box and a medium-sized dog are needed. Kindly take your time and watch the entire video and let us know whether it made you smile.

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