Did You Know Words Can Have A Lifetime Effect On Your Child? A Must-Watch!!

We all of us have those sad days in our lives and each and every one of us handles anger in a different way. Unluckily, we happen to take our exasperation out on our kids, and state things we feel sorry afterward. We even forget that just a single word can cause a lifetime harm to a child.

A psychological research center in China is concerned about the increase in Juvenile offenses. The research associates juvenile crime with upbringing emotional mistreatment. Sometimes it is hard to have teachers and parents know that cruel words can have severe effects.

This is the case with Zhang Qiang. When he was 12 years, his parents got divorced. Zhang’s mother used to shout at him and tell him just to go away die. She used to tell him that he was just trash and worthless, she also called him a moron. She was never good to Zhang.

All these words scared Zhang, and he turned out to be a criminal. He now commits crimes. He has killed many people. When he was arrested, his parents were shown the weapons he uses to kill.

As you can see in the video, even though we do not use the weapons, the words we use to address our kids can damage their lives forever.

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