Boy Dies In A Spiderman Costume. Now See What This Cop Did To Him. I’m So Touched!

Joshua was a nice boy, but death doesn’t know any bounds. The little one was at the poolside one day in April 2016 when he fell in. His mum looked for him everywhere but she couldn’t find him, so she did the only thing a person in that situation could. She called the police, and it happened that Officer Damon Cole was the first responder. But he was a little too late…

He found the little, innocent boy in the pool. Joshua had drowned. He was still, dead. Damon pulled the kid’s lifeless body out of the water amid much agony and bereavement. But Joshua was no more. However, the officer did notice one very inspiring detail about the boy. He was wearing a Spiderman t-shirt and knickers when he drowned, and that must have meant something for him.

As a tribute for the good boy, the officer decided to don the Spiderman outfit during the funeral. The family felt better, knowing that their boy was smiling down from heaven. It helped them deal with the terrible loss.

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