A Love Letter That Is Seventy Years Old Found In Thrift Shop. What Happened Next? Tear-Jerking!

I like going to the thrift shop since it’s one of the places where I can find a rare treasure. One always goes there expecting to get a needle in a pile of ordinary pieces of straw. One will always feel good when he finds something rare or something of great value.

In this clip, a lady in Colorado finds an unexpected treasure in the thrift shop. She did not just find furniture. This woman found a love letter that was hidden in a record sleeve. It is believed that the letter was written during World War II. That’s like seventy years ago! I just wonder how the letter survived all those years. I just wish I knew whom the letter was addressed to, but I suppose it must have been a lady. I keep asking how she could have reacted if she were there the very moment the letter was found.

Surprisingly, the author of this letter was just around. The letter was returned to him and the moment Bill Moore saw it, he was driven by emotions. It’s difficult to watch how he reacted without shedding a tear.

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